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Improve the efficiency of admin...
"Dante’s Delegate Planner has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our administration procedures, implement administrator teams, achieve higher attendance on courses and present a single look and feel to students and to staff.

We are delighted with the system and the management information it provides".

Rich Cowley, Data & Business Systems Training Manager, University of Nottingham

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Friendly and professional...
"Thank you for the trouble-free implementation of the system, which has now replaced our old health and safety training administration process. I was delighted with the friendly and professional manner in which the entire process was carried out.

Since implementing the Delegate Planner system all records are maintained in one place and it is easily apparent who will be attending which course, which trainers are required and when, and most importantly, how and when to charge.

In brief the system has allowed us to increase the number of courses we run and has streamlined the whole booking and charging process."

Sean Cusack, Group Health & Safety Manager, Wincanton.

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Improved Communication and security...
"Delegate Planner has greatly improved our communication with our Delegates, Trainers and staff while saving us considerable time by making it easy to keep everyone up to date, at all times. Our Partners and Employees have given very positive feedback on our new and improved service and find booking courses online a quick and easy process.

The security of our data was another concern when looking to upgrade our Learning Management System. With Delegate Planner, we have the assurance that all of our records and training related information is safe, secure and risk free."

Olaf Gutjahr, Security Products Training Manager, Tyco Security Products.

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Intuitive and scalable...
"The intuitive nature of Delegate Planner has made it possible for us to manage the vast amounts of data involved in our day to day, nationwide training operation. Since implementing Delegate Planner seven years ago, our organisation has continued to grow at a rapid rate. The scalability of the system allows our business to expand with minimal additional administration resources.”

Dave Bennett-Bull, Commercial Director HSS Training


Immediate efficiencies...
"Following a competitive bid process, we chose Dante’s Delegate Planner online software to manage our staff and students short course bookings. Delegate Planner provides immediate efficiencies in our working practices and has the ability to scale on demand, all within a single system".

Christian Carter, Head Of Staff Development, University of Bristol


The transition was seamless...
"Organisational growth had increased the number of training courses we provided, however, coordinating these courses on Excel was very time consuming and cumbersome.

We recognised we needed a training system that could cope with both internal and external courses and selected Dante Systems because it not only met our needs but we were impressed by the level of support Dante were prepared to offer us. The transition from our manual system to Dante's system was seamless, with friendly and informative training, recommendations and advice, which have been on-going since the implementation.

The system has made a big impact, not only on the people who operate it but for the whole organisation. There is an improved level of service from the Learning and Development department and more importantly the tracking, waiting lists and management reports can now be relied upon.

By working closely with Dante we have developed a streamlined system that gets the job done in minimal time. We are extremely happy with the system and thank you for your continued support."

Louise Wood, Learning and Development and Internal Communications Assistant, Enham.

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Time saving and accessible from multiple locations...
"Our Dante system has become invaluable and I am not sure how I would manage my work without it. I was very impressed with the intense 2-day training and came away feeling very confident with using the system. It has proved very time-saving and streamlined a number of administrative processes.

It is really useful the system being 'online' as it renders it possible to use from a number of locations. I feel very comfortable approaching Dante if I have any problems and I feel secure in the knowledge that they would be able to help and provide a solution."

Alice Tomlinson, Safeguarding Training Coordinator, Hackney Council.

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Flexibility and relevance of software...
"The decision to award the contract to Dante Systems was not a difficult one as it became increasingly clear that the flexibility and relevance of their Delegate Planner online software to our working environment would enable us to significantly improve the management and accessibility of our doctoral training provision".

Susan Rhodes, Project Manager, University of Essex

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"Delegate Planner allows us to keep all of our information relating to training and associated administration in one secure place, meaning we no longer need to search for records across a number of different systems. This feature has proved invaluable, allowing us smooth transition into a new working environment."

Stephen Gibson, General Manager, Rhead Group

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