Delegate Planner

Delegate Planner is a premium online training management system that covers the entire training process. You can automate and track tasks that otherwise require a great deal of your time and resources, leading to an increase in course take up, occupancy and revenue. You are able to Advertise courses, take bookings, process online payments, produce invoices, communicate with delegates and their line managers, generate reports, and much more. Delegate Planner enables you to achieve the highest levels of efficiency within your Training Organisation or Department.

Delegate Planner is highly configurable, You can choose from a host of options and features to build the ideal system for you and your course participants. To learn more about how Delegate Planner can help your organisation, please contact us or complete our quick enquiry form.   

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Fully online

Designed as a fully online system, where everything is always up-to-date and readily available to you, your participants, your trainers and your customers.

Multiple Access Levels

You choose the access rights for your staff, trainers, key customers, delegates and others.

Online Bookings

Delegates can book\pay online and receive automatic confirmation emails saving your staff time. Your key customers can easily book their employees directly onto your courses.

Course Details

Including locations, dates and timings, delegates attending and all resources. You can also tailor courses to specific customer requirements.

Delegate Records

Each delegate has their own personal record, which contains a training history and future training.

Delegate Tracking

You can track delegate bookings and training histories. You can also see and report on which delegates have attended, or are booked to attend, which courses.

Delegate Documents

Allowing you to upload documents relevant to the course undertaken which can be viewed by their tutor.

Course Evaluations

Easily create course evaluation and appraisal forms which can be completed by delegates themselves or the trainer. These evaluations can then be analysed via reports, for example, to provide tutors with a method by which they can recommend changes.

Training Needs Analysis

Organisations can record the training requirements of their employees and track that these are being met. Help to develop your organisation by helping to develop it's people.


Delegate Planner’s wide range of built-in, automated reports eliminate the need to collate complex data from multiple systems, saving you and your colleague’s time. In addition, the report writer facility gives you flexibility when you need something just that bit different.


  • Management Reports
  • Trainers Reports
  • Attendance and Non attendance Reports
  • Course Occupancy
  • Course Finance
  • Voucher Codes
  • Sales Tracking
  • Course Reports
  • Course Evaluation
  • Course Income
  • Course Pre-Requisites
  • Course Take-Up
  • Delegate Reports and many more

Delegate Certificates

Delegates can quickly print their own PDF certificates online using layouts that have been pre-defined by the trainer.

Course Availability

You can see which courses are available at a glance. The system automatically creates booking forms, filling in all the relevant course details and adding delegates onto the course schedule, giving you peace of mind as places are filled and people are informed.

Active Directory Login

This module validates a person's username and password against your Active Directory lists instead of using their individual email addresses and passwords

Advanced Automation

Providing the ability to run jobs at a given time during the day such as emailing delegates prior to or after a course with useful information like joining instructions, dates and times etc.

Fully Integrated E-Learning

Upload SCORM compliant packages and link them to courses and schedules, allowing delegates to run and complete your E-Learning courses online. 


Including booking forms, joining instructions and confirmation forms. Each of these emails can be customised to match your company's branding. Both plain text and html emails are available.

Automatic Emails to Delegates

  • Emails can be sent to delegates at a set date either before or after the course. Details within the emails can be modified for different courses.
  • Storing all emails sent from the system; whether they have been sent manually or automatically. Emails can then be reviewed or re-sent if needs be.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is built in, so you do not need the expense of a separate package and you do not have the tedious process of transferring customer details between packages.

Import and Update Batches of Delegates

This feature imports batches of delegates from other systems via CSV file format (compatible with Microsoft Excel). Delegate details can also be updated or inserted using this feature.

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